Wednesday, September 28, 2011

surely there is no such thing as boredom...

Motherhood has consumed my immediate world.  I’m out of touch not only on world politics and current events, but even the basic goings on in my own tiny community where gossip flows like a river in flood. Where if you so much as sneeze someone across town can be heard to say “bless you”  - however - cut off and out of touch as I may be, my heart bursts with love and although born in a violent  storm of lashing winds and pelting rain that bombarded us for days, Chicken Little has proved to be a calm little presence in my life.

Along with motherhood I’ve taken on another exciting new venture. They tell me that in the latter weeks of pregnancy that mothers-to-be with their cumbersome gait and swollen bellies are possessed with what is know as a “nesting” phase – where with a burst of previously unheard of energy women take to cleaning closets with a vengeance, purging unwanted things, tidying, and organizing along with cooking up a storm and otherwise preparing for the new family addition.   Although excited by this prospect of  energy, coupled with the desire and motivation for a clean home and freezer full of casseroles and baking… I waited in vain - this mysterious “nesting” phase never occurred. 

Instead, as I applied drywall filler – patching a hole in the wall following the replacement of bathtub faucets I got the brilliant idea to take up a new hobby….   As if my half finished mural - pottery projects, watercolours, 3 partially painted acrylic canvases, an unfinished commissioned ink portrait (abandoned for the past 4 years), wrinkled silk only partially dyed, and bin filled with the horrific half melted disasters of my last attempt at making soap were not enough in terms of hobbies…   This brilliant new idea involved investing yards of fabric and putting to use (towards something more substantial than hemming jeans) the sewing machine I inherited from my grandmother following her purchase of a much newer and fancier model.   And so my first ever sewing project was conceived (hemming aside) a small rag quilt for my Chicken Little. (a project possibly stillborn before it could get off the ground….)

I’m not sure when I thought I would have time to cut fabric, or sew it into something appealing to the eye… let alone take the time required to get all the little corners to line up…   but yesterday I found myself pushing Chicken Little in his stroller through a sprawling fabric store selecting flannels bedecked with images of same fish that fill my freezer, along with plaids, turtles and frogs. If anything ever materializes…I’ll post photos!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Each day comes bearing its own gifts.

On Friday I officially became a mother.  Chicken Little was a bit late, but he eventually showed up and  after some serious stabbing of his feet with a glucose monitor he was given a clean bill of health.  Amazing how you can check yourself into the hospital.. and a few days later.. there are 2 of you checking out.   

Friday also marked our first wedding anniversary, we’d even booked a nice romantic dinner for two at the same restaurant we’d dinned at a year previous.   But when I woke up with rather significant labour pains in the wee hours of the morning...  all thoughts of a romantic evening went out the window.

While the anniversary of my marriage to DH passed ensconced in the local hospital with all attempts at modesty abandoned and a storm brewing in the background – the forecast calling for unabated monsoon style rains and high winds. I still did manage to gift DH with a token to mark the occasion.  (no I’m not talking about Chicken Little... although he is the very image of love personified.)  

Two years ago while DH and I were living on separate islands, and I was slowly filling his home with my art work, he asked if I could do a painting just for him.  One where the Chinook chased the herring in the kelp. Ack... I thought.. I’m not sure.  It’s similar to what I do. But I worried it wouldn’t be “real” enough for a guy who’s spent his life admiring , studying and chasing salmon...  Animals in the world and dinner on the plate.  Catching these majestic animals never fails to put a huge grin on his face.  I never painted that image he described....  not that I forgot about it.  Somehow something always kept me from doing that for him. 

Finally Two years later this is the painting that I gave him for our anniversary.  It measures 22”x 30” unmated or framed and is painted on 100% cotton rag 140lbs cold press paper.   While the original will hang above the sofa in DH’s den,  I plan to have prints and cards made so that others can enjoy the image that took two years to emerge from the paper. 

“Silver Bright”
an Original Watercolour
© RiverWalker Arts

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.  ~Author Unknown