Monday, September 17, 2012

Getter Done...

It is, autumn. The leaves are turning colors — in places far from here.  In this place it is still wet and green due to a lack of deciduous trees, and in particular deciduous hardwoods like the sugar maple. The insects are going off to wherever it is they go all winter — I really don't care where they go, but if I could prevent them from coming back to terrorize my campground in summer I’d spend more time on the issue.  There are limits to what we can hope to know about the cosmos.

Photo by RiverWalker Arts
With the onset of this most delightful of seasons I’ve geared up and been remarkably productive...  (until I got hit with a nasty flu – but I’m drinking my tea and staying home in hopes of getting enough rest to resume my usual busyness)  Fall is when all the volunteer work I’ve ignored all summer suddenly comes and knocks on the door... this year is no different.

 I got unceremoniously roped into Girl Guides again.   So every Thursday I get to try to impart all manner of skills and competence to a group of 12-14 year olds girls who are more interested in giggling and texting on their cell phones than learning how to start fires, splice rope or knit socks.  Oh I also get to do enough paperwork to satisfy the organization’s  insurance company... there is mountains of the stuff.

Creative Jam! 
But on the more fun front, as Vice-Pres of the local Arts Council, I’m working on this year’s Creative Jam.  While not until February, there is a lot of organizing to do.  What is the Creative Jam??  Well.... CREATIVE JAM is a weekend of interdisciplinary creative workshops with participants jamming on a common theme. From the realms of photography, fabric, visual art and creative writing, four facilitators guide individuals and groups through a process of learning through active creativity.   Basically all the artsy people can get together and be creative!

I was so excited to contact Leslie Redhead and get a verbal commitment from her for the visual side of things. (if you are interested her blog is here:  I think she will be great for our little venue!   Now I can finish my applications for community support and donations.   I feel so on top of it!

I’ve also signed up for this year’s November Craft Fair, and managed to get all my orders in for matting materials, cards, prints etc.  Wow.. how do I manage to get all this done?

Ok – now that I’ve finished patting my own back... I’ll get back to drinking my tea and getting some sleep.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Establishing goals is all right if you don't let them deprive you of interesting detours.

Yes. The book. The sketches and the good intentions.  Really I did start, I have a half finished watercolour with a boat and a moon and a bunch of swirling glittery stars.  “They sailed on a river of crystal light and into a sea of dew” .  I got side tracked. 

I think it’s only temporary.  I went camping. Oh and I painted a few miniatures....
Spot Prawn
©RiverWalker Arts

©RiverWalker Arts

©RiverWalker Arts

And now.. well I’m going through some challenges... like putting Chicken Little into daycare, and starting a new job.  It is pretty stressful stuff.. but I’m still working on it.  Oh and I started another sewing project... currently in UFO status.

But if you are in town... I did manage to get the handbill put together for this season of “Thursday Night at the Movies” ...

Come out and joint us...