Tuesday, March 17, 2015

new light

I awoke to the sound of small children.  I tried to tune them out, but they are rather persistent.  I tried scooping them up, turning the TV on and snuggling back into the warm nest of my blankets.  It didn’t work.  They followed me.  So I got up. I opened the curtains and I was greeted by the most spectacular display of reds, oranges, violet and pink. The sun’s rays reflecting off the lake, and off the clouds in all of their un-parallelled glory.  The air was crisp temperatures outside were below freezing, but the sun brought the promise of warmth, the promise of spring, the promise of light through my windows and into my home.

Oh but I could get used to this new weather… I’m going to have to rename this blog.  There is no Rain here!  I’m getting better, my lungs are clearing, my health is returning.  And I even painted.  I joined the Cariboo Art Society.  Apparently the oldest art guild in BC for those who keep track of these things.  I thought I’d start small it’s been months.  And so I present a small 5 x 7 inch tribute to corn. 
© RiverWalker Arts