Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Horror or a bad April fools joke

Halloween Horror or a bad April fools joke.  I’m not sure which.

I logged on to Amazon.  I’ve been waiting for my book to be posted for sale on Amazon – it is my hope that someone I don’t know might eventually purchase this book through this site.  For local folks and people I know I am more than willing to sell one of the many copies I’ve got on order.  For those who follow my blog – they can  buy it through the paypal buy it button I’ve got posted, but for those people just browsing the internet – I hope to one day hear that some random Amazon Shopper has decided to give my book a loving home.

So I’ve been creeping Amazon – and I found it! It’s up. Complete with an image of the cover, and above that a little blue and orange invitation to “Look Inside.”  I clicked on it.   Can you imagine my HORROR when I saw the Giselle Potter’s Edition of the book pop up.



Wynken Blynken and Nod - Giselle Potter Edition.


My indrawn breath was audible.   Amazon recognizes the various versions of Wynken, Blynken and Nod as different editions of the same book.  So does not see why a book produced for it’s artwork would need a different preview than any other edition with the same text.   It’s a computer thing.

I’m working to try to fix this – but of course Amazon can market it’s books anyway it wants to.  But of course I’m still mildly horrified.

Happy Halloween – my book is in disguise!