Tuesday, May 3, 2016

time to smell the flowers.

I've just started a sabbatical leave.  Ultimately it is about spending more time raising my own children, but in some respects it couldn't have come at a better time.  I as I pick up all the pieces and try to make sense of what's left.  My days are busy, consumed by the minutiae of day to day life and the pace of childhood.  I have children and they fill my time in ways I never imagined.  someone once said it, I'm not sure who,  - that  both those with and without children feel sorry for each other.   They are busy little creatures that take up all your time.  The questions are never ending and the pace is slow.  Or at least at this stage the pace of is slow.
Pole Beans
Watercolour, (7.5 x 11 inch )
©RiverWalker Arts 
It is nice to not constantly be rushing little feet and little minds.  They stroll, they stop constantly to admire the shape of a branch, or an ant making its way across the sidewalk.  And so I too am slowing my steps and making more of the journey and less of the destination.  It might take 40 minutes for us to get our shoes and coats on to get out the door, and maybe we only make it half a block before we turn around, but that is ok.  In that half a block we have explored puddles, and bugs and listened for garbage trucks and aircraft overhead.   I am more aware of my surroundings and I have some very small companions to thank. ... and maybe this is why basket weaving, however droll seems somewhat fitting at this point.

©RiverWalker Arts
Watercolour (5x7 inch)