Friday, October 28, 2011

The wind shows us how close to the edge we are

In a world with a million possibilities I find myself in wonderment.  Fall has arrived, and although the temperatures aren’t much colder than they have been all summer the winds have picked up and stirred themselves into a howling banshee, a mournful spirit that wails into the darkness of the night.  I wake up to this hollow sound as it rattles through the trees and sends the damp brown leaves swirling – swept up in their own little tornados.  The accompanying rain pounds like automatic gunfire on the windows soaking the world and  rousing every creek into a torrent of frothy angry water.  I wonder that my Chicken Little can sleep so peacefully through the storm.

He grows in his sleep like a weed, a resilient and hardy little presence in my life.  I find myself holding him close staring through the sheets of water running down my windows.  My stalled mural project all but forgotten, my quilt abandoned mid stitch in the sewing machine, my latest watercolour nothing but a green smear on paper, shelved with the rest of my art supplies....  but as I stare and hug Chicken Little a bit closer my mind flourishes, a light in the eye of the storm, a thousand bits of inspiration waiting to bloom forth.  I’ve got the motivation, and the flashes of insight needed to bring forth at least a dozen projects...   and finish the ones currently on hold.   In all this miserable weather my inner light has begun to pulsate, and now it is up to me to put what little time I have at my disposal to good use. 

Here are a couple photos.... one of my stalled mural project, the other my very first attempt at a sewing project. 

a stalled mural project... 
but progress on my first sewing project...