Sunday, October 17, 2010

It is grey here. A thousand shades of grey. The mists blow in off the water, and hang heavy in town, and around it.  In the distance, if you can see that far, trees, totem poles and mountain peaks rise up out of the floating mists in shades of dark grey against the lighter grey of the sky.  Heavy leaden clouds block out the sun and the days never truly lighten but remain dark.  Nothing casts a shadow and yet everything is cast in shadow and dampness.  The grey rock itself seems to seep water as if there is entirely too much moisture.  Today it rains.... driving sideways, a gale warning on the VHF radio, it rains down hard, as if the sky itself liquefies and crashes down on the earth.  The land soaks up what it can and what the land can not hold tumbles down through the glacial rivers heading out to sea. 

The Wind Howls and drives the rain sideways, thundering in sheets down the window panes obscuring the form of everything beyond it, tuning the world into a kaleidoscope of grey obscured green.  My yard is a swamp of soggy green moss mostly.. and what is known as a liverwort – a moss like substance that grows in virtual darkness semi submerged in the bog that is my yard... I’m cold.  The Damp kind of cold that makes your bones ache and no matter how much tea you drink you still feel chilled and your fingers cramp on the keyboard. 

I’m not truly surprised by all this.  It will continue to rain solidly until by some miraculous twist of nature the temperature will plunge well below freezing and the sun will peak out from behind the clouds for a day... maybe 3 before the rains come again.  But today... and maybe tomorrow... it is starting to get to me... maybe it’s because I made the error of looking at the long range forecast....

© RiverWalker Arts
Today: Rain Heavy at times. Wind southeast 70 km/h
Tonight: Rain. Wind southeast 70 km/h this evening and after midnight.
Monday: Showers. High 8.
Tuesday: Rain. High 8.
Wednesday: Rain. Windy
Thursday: Showers. High 8.
Friday: Rain heavy at times. High 7.
Saturday: Rain. Windy. High 8. 


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