Wednesday, June 22, 2011

bonking fish and a fear of scaffolding

My Brother and the Quesnel Family came to visit last weekend.  This included the almost one year old hurricane Mango. Who is quite the cutie a good thing too considering the unending patience needed to watch over him as he crawled up and down and up and down and up and down the stairs.  Although not yet able to walk, he certainly can get around crawling or with one hand attached to something solid.  He liked to push the dog dish around.  In fact he was quite taken by the dog kind of a fascination for a large fuzzy quadruped  beast I suppose.  He would crawl up to her and stuff his head between her legs and push his face into her belly.  She tolerated it well, occasionally leaning down to snoofle him and lick his face.  I figure it’s slobber pay back Brother was much more nervous than the rest of us who trusted my dog implicitly as she is a gentle and timid creature despite the 75 pounds of solid muscle and black fur.  The Boys spent the days on the ocean bonking fish on the head and coming home coated in fragrant slime however their success was evidenced by a series of delicious fresh dinners presented nightly.  What wasn’t eaten was loaded into the car and drove out of town on Monday morning.

On a completely different note... my art show has been a success, from my perspective anyway.   At the opening  reception tea and white wine was served alongside  sushi appetizers to all who came to browse.  I managed to sell a number of original pieces. The Show will end this Sunday and I will take down what did not sell and stash them in my closet where art work spends most of its days. 

But while I will have art work languishing in my closet ignored and unloved. I have also been busy volunteering myself for all sorts of art related endeavours.  For instance in what must have been a rather weak moment or maybe I was just tired and didn’t know what I was volunteering myself for. I somehow have found myself committed to posing in all my very pregnant glory for a group of local artists.  I’m hoping they don’t actually credit the model in any of the works that make it out for public consumption.    However in a more sane although potentially more public venue I volunteered my time to paint a mural of sorts on one of the buildings in town.  The guy who own the building cringed at the very thought of seeing a pregnant lady on scaffolding, and so they purchased a number of large panels that will fit together and be mounted on the building.  My own stipulation is the use of water based paints, as I’ve no desire to fight with solvents ... they stink, they are messy.   So soon folks will get a chance to watch me painting through the window of a local industrial supplies building, and then my work... good, bad or ugly... will be displayed prominently on the building side overlooking the street... for all to pass judgement.

Listen carefully to first criticisms made of your work...  Note just what it is about your work that critics don't like - then cultivate it.  That's the only part of your work that's individual and worth keeping.  ~Jean Cocteau

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