Thursday, January 12, 2012

think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's

And that was 2011.
A big year. But then they are all big  -  365 days of jam-packed action adventure.  2012 will be no exception… on the horizon is an astounding year of watching my Chicken Little grow from his four month old babbling self into a fully mobile and communicative toddler.. and  the failure of all my best laid New Year’s Resolutions (you know the ones we make every year… and never keep – I am going to lose ten pounds, I’m going to exercise more, I am going to eat healthier,  I am going to spend less, save more and pay off my debt, I’m going to learn to knit/speak Spanish/surf/play the guitar/master the art of Thai cooking….you name it.  By February I’ll have decided that Spanish is too hard to pronounce.  Guitar takes too much practice. Ordering out is just so much easier than cooking. I'll do it ... when I have more time…ya right!!)
To give myself credit I’m not sitting around doing nothing but navel gazing.  Although I do have times where my whole day revolves around nothing more pressing than a tot swim lesson… and that folks is a pretty good life!   Eating up my time (in addition to Chicken Little) is a host of volunteer work, including sitting as a director on the local Arts Council.  As far as volunteer work goes.. I like this gig.  People appreciate any ideas or work that I can contribute and I feel like I can make a difference in the community.  The latest project… the Creative Jam. From the realms of Photography, Music, Visual Art and Creative Writing, four facilitators will guide individuals and groups through a process of learning through active creativity in that most dark and dreary of months… February!   We’ve managed to keep the registration fee to a token amount  $40 adult / $30 student & seniors  (plus $5 supply fee if registering for visual arts). For a full weekend workshop that is truly a steal.

I thought I would share… hot off the presses… the poster for the 2nd annual Creative Jam 

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