Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Volunteering among other things...

6”x8” Acrylic on Canvas
© RiverWalker Arts
The Creative Jam  - huge success.  Very stressful.  Worth it all in the end.   About 50 people came together in the end for a weekend of intensive creative expression.  Music folks, photographers, visual artists and creative writers.. all jamming together on the theme of “Light and Motion.”  One of the most gratifying things as an organizer was that a professional photographer came up to me and said.. wow I’m glad I came it was great,  and a gal with nothing more technical than a point and shoot camera  who had never done anything more than the odd family snap shot raved about the same session. 

As for me… I took Chicken Little with me for the weekend.  And ended up putting paint on canvas and explored a relatively unfamiliar medium… Acrylic. 
"West Coast Storm Approaching"
16”x20” Acrylic on Canvas
© RiverWalker Arts

More than one person laughed and photographed me painting with one hand while holding Chicken Little with the other.  Marvelling as I  fluctuated between mothering – organizer extraordinaire –and student painter!   So much fun. 

Next up for organization…. Postcards from the Edge of the World - Art Show  We are calling for submissions from the community and surrounding areas…. To make a postcard with 70% recycled or repurposed material... 4x6 inches... submitted to the Arts Council … and we'll hang it in an art show – with a viewer’s choice award of $50.  How could you go wrong??

Should be fun. 


  1. Sounds like a fun event! Wish I could have come paint with you and Chicken Little. I love your Storm Approaching. The sky is wonderful!