Friday, June 22, 2012

the hospital corridor...

Cough Splutter Hack, hack hack... spit.  Blow nose.  Repeat.   It’s a friendly little thing.  Seems everyone in town has shared it.  The dreaded Spring Cold.  My voice is hoarse and nasally, my nose is raw and red, and Chicken Littler has this Snot thing going on that is not for the faint of heart...   we’ll get through it. We always do.  But what an annoyance. 

Quarantine does not sit well with me.  But then apparently it doesn’t with others either or we wouldn’t all be sharing this nasty little bug now would we?   

And so... after the worst of it passed.  (The part where I thought I might be dying and lay in a semi-unconscious state in my pyjamas doing my best to be a good parent by actually maintaining some sort of supervision over my poor little snot monster.)..

 I decided that it was time to finish the last of the real big projects on the line up.  The one that won’t be so manageable once Chicken Little gets his little legs under himself and starts crawling.  Namely the wall along the hallway of the Audiology Department at the hospital.  Somewhere along the line, back when I was confident (and foolish) I volunteered (yes that’s right VOLUNTEERED)  to paint the hallway down in the hospital’s audiology department.  
Chicken Little spun in circles on the floor as that is as close to mobility as he can achieve at this point (Halleluiah!!).  Lab staff warned me of the drug resistant bacteria that are spawned in hospitals and how no parent in their right mind lets their child squirm around face down on a hospital floor.  And I... I painted in a slap dash fashion trying to get the project done faster than I might have - had time not been working against me in the baby department. 

The result is not my best work... but I’m happy enough with it, and I think the kids will find it is a friendlier looking place than a boring beige hallway.

Woot woot.. another UFO off the plate! 

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