Monday, November 18, 2013

A Craft Fair and a Christmas Card

The snow fell... it got slushy... then froze solid. The world is patchy and white.  The children squeal and run with mittens trailing from coat sleeves.  It is still November but the cold has brought about an early Christmas spirit despite the perpetual grumblings about weather.  If it is not too hot, or too rainy then it’s too cold and what is this white stuff anyway. 

Brush each salmon fillet with 1/2 teaspoon of oil 
Squeeze lime juice over salmon then rub contents
 of spice packet to completely coat the fish; 
Grill the salmon, flesh side down, until charred.
Saturday was the Annual Kaien Island Craft Fair.  A 38 year tradition.  A busy day for all involved.  Crafters and vendors alike, poured into the local gym an annual community event took place.  It is a social event as much as anything.  A celebration of crafts, a community social event, an opportunity to shop local and support local artisans, a Herculean effort to organize and a good time had by all.

I sold reproductions of my art, cards, and the most popular item – spice packets.  A2 Sized Envelopes ( 146mm x 110 mm) Printed with reproductions of Original Artworks of RiverWalker Arts and filled with an assortment of delicious Spices and easy to follow Recipes for their use. Perfect Stocking Stuffers or ideal hostess gifts. Space on the back for a stamp and address - mail them like a postcard to your favourite folks away.

Gently simmer 750 ml. (1 bottle) red wine, 1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar (to taste)
 and whole packet of mulling spice for up to 20 minutes.
Remove the spice packet and serve the wine hot in mugs 
For 8 hours I watched the crowds, talked with folks, socialized and had a great day.  By 5pm I was exhausted, and glad that I don’t work in the retail business. 

For my next project....   This white stuff has got me thinking about my annual Christmas card.  A tradition I started in 1990 with a lopsided candle ringed with pine boughs and bits of holly.  Since then I have put out a different card each year...  what might 2013 bring?  I don’t know. I have little inspiration for this as I think the part of my brain devoted to art is stuck in a Dutch lullaby.  Birds? Reindeer? Snowmen ? Hockey?  Wreaths? Stockings? Nutcrackers?   It’s a dilemma... but I’ve got to start soon or I’ll never get them printed in time!

Here is a peek at a past Christmas Card: 

“When the Snow Flies”
© RiverWalker Arts
The lake is frozen over and the ground is deep with snow.
We are children once again.
Brew me a cup on this winter’s eve and hold me near
For the frosty winds do howl and the glittering snow does fly.

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