Wednesday, June 4, 2014


So this is the deal.   My I have a dirty little secret.  A time waster.  Which is awful because I REALLY don’t have time to just sit and let time disappear in a flash.    I have kids to pay attention to, I have school work to get done, a book to publish... oh and did I mention I just sold my house and bought a new one so I’ve got moving to do too.  And in case you didn’t know.. Kids take up a LOT of time.   Anyway.. my time waster – my dirty little defragment the brain activity  -  PINTEREST.   (I know..... Please don’t judge me).  

 “What’s for Dinner?” by Sandra K White
I often seek inspirational art on Pinterest, (along with toddler activities, toddler crafts, quilting techniques and crockpot recipes.)  One day I came across Sandra K White’s “What’s for Dinner?”  watercolour.  (   It  spoke to me.  It sang to me.  I NEEDED to paint BEETS!  (I’m not even sure her painting has beets, they might be turnips, or giant radishes.... all I saw was beets) .

I became somewhat obsessed.  I’ve been painting variations of Wynken, Blynken and Nod for two years and little else.  I’ve gone through enough Winsor Blue to last a lifetime, specifically : Artists' Water Colour: Winsor Blue (Green Shade) .  So the thought of lusciously vibrant oranges and rich deep reds had me positively humming with anticipation.  I really needed to wipe all that blue off the palette. 

Finally. With a little cooperation from some sleeping children I managed to squeeze in enough time for this:
dug up from the garden ..... Basic research has shown beets may protect against liver disease, lower blood pressure and have an effect on mechanisms of cardiovascular disease.

11x 15 inch Watercolour on 140lbs cold press cotton rag paper
© RiverWalker Arts

Thank you Sandra for the inspiration....

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