Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plan B

The snow has been swirling out my window on and off all day.  There is a dusting on the ground, wet and icy with the freezing rain that alternated with the bouts of snow.  It’s been dark and dreary looking.  My black furball of a dog is curled up under my chair giving off the odour of wet dog.  She will dry eventually.   (maybe)

I have a calendar that I was given for Christmas, it hangs next to my desk and reminds me that “Life is all about how you handle plan “B”.  Which seems very apt lately.  Gracing the month of January is a cartoon image of a wild looking redhead, her hair billowing around her head in wild shades of orange on a lime green backdrop.   Boldly printed alongside this wild looking woman it says  “ I learned long ago that shifting into Plan B takes more patience, skill, and humility than it ever took to figure out Plan A in the first place. (Discarding your preconceived ideas and then reexamining all the contingencies is not a job for sissies!) But thing rarely turn out exactly as we planned, and at that point, we have to decide whether or not to shift gears, embrace the change, and test out who we really are.

Plan B.  The truest test of character.

Clearly there is a reason that people quote each other saying “even the best laid plans.....” 
 it’s true.

But at the end of the day... life wouldn’t be interesting if things always went according to plan.


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