Tuesday, February 12, 2013

and my mind is crushed by the pounding rain...

I talk about the weather a lot. It’s a Canadian pastime, and there truly are people who can’t hardly start a conversation if it were not for the weather.   Although I do spend my fair share of time commenting on the weather, I try not to complain about it overly much.  But holy rain batman!  Seriously. We are less than 2 weeks into the month and already we have had 246.8 mm of rain – they measure this on top of city hall and every hour or so the number creeps up.  That is over 20mm of rain a day for 11 days straight.   If we were to compare the amount in snowfall – you are looking at about 8 feet of snow in the last 11 days.

(and while I admit conversion is sketchy with averages varying between ratios of 1:6 to 1:10  - t it turns out in weather forecasting they use the 1 to 10 ratio in order to make snowfall forecasts.  That's because the computer projections can tell us how much liquid will precipitate out of a column of air, but not how much snow. )

My yard is a swamp. Thick spongy moss which normally soaks up the water has drank up more than it can hold and so it sits there – growing puddles on a hillside –yes it is possible.  Patches of what once was grass are now thick mats of slippery dark green slime as the algae grows in mats.

My dog has thick fur that takes hours to dry.  Even going outside to do her business three times in a 24 hours period means she smells like wet dog pretty much always.  And inevitably I find damp spots where she has laid down… like on my pillow…  *sigh* 

So far I’m not finding inspiration in this rain, I’ve not touched my sewing machine except to hem a pair of pyjama pants, and I’ve not lifted a paint brush in weeks.  My goal to sketch more and let myself be free about it has stalled… although I did dig out my sketch book and I did rummage through my stuff to find the accouterments of mucking about in a sketch book… felts, pillbox-sized painting pallet, pens, pencils, erasers, ink, and glue (you never know what will need to be stuck in) now if only I could put aside some time….

Watercolour on cotton rag paper  ©RiverWalker Arts 

Maybe if it ever stops raining…. ? 

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