Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creative Jam in a Weekend.

Tired… I said I wanted a weekend now that I survived the actual weekend.. but what I think I really want is a room with a view and a big bed and 2 days in which to curl up in a nest of blankets and warmth and sleep on and off like a cat in the sunshine.  No interruptions, no responsibilities and no organizing.   I’m tired.  The kind of tired that makes the grubby brown floor in my office look like a comfortable place to lay my head.  That little alcove near the photocopier looks remarkably like a good place to nap.  So does just about anywhere. 

It’s been busy.  I mean really really busy.   It takes at least five people to organize the Creative Jam. One for each discipline… and one to over see them and worry about them.  Two of our organizers left town.. for destinations as exotic as Cuba and as obscure as Oona River (tiny little town of 30 or so people on a tiny little island in the middle of nowhere).  So that left three of us to pull off the event.

And we did it.!  Photography, Quilting, Painting, and Creative Writing workshops help simultaneously over a weekend, with roughly 50 in attendance.  The Quilters lugging their sewing machines and creating havoc with threads and pins, the photographers snapping photos and dragging tripods.  The Painters with stained fingers literally watching paint dry while others scribbled in their notebooks a written record of life. We started after work on Friday hauling tables and easels and I found myself at 7pm on Sunday night vacuuming up the last evidence of all that had transpired.

It was worth it. I might finally have my artistic inspiration back.  The rain hasn’t stopped, the grey sky hangs as low as ever and the wind howls at night – but I seem to have been re-inspired.  My paints are wet again and I’ve put brush to paper.

Here is a look at what the lovely LeslieRedhead helped me create in her Watercolour Workshop: 

Piece from weekend workshop: Sentinel Spirits.

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