Monday, November 19, 2012

The bustle of a craft fair

A celebration of crafts, a community social event, an opportunity to shop local and support local artisans, a Herculean effort to organize and a good time had by all.  The 37th, annual Craft Fair was a success – not just from my personal point of view.

I rose in the darkness, the rain hammering against the windows like gunfire.  As I sat up in bed trying not to wake the sleeping baby next to me.  The beloved dog leapt up with an excited grunt and began wagging her thick ropy tail madly.  Thwacking me with each wiggle of her back end, I listened… the wind howled in the trees outside my window, leaves, sticks and bits of fall debris were picked up and thrown against the house.   The sound of the wind in the wires creating a mournful howl in the darkness.  And amid the cacophony  - my child snoring peacefully bottom up in the air, head buried in a pillow making a himself a little lump curled up next to his snoring father. 

Sliding into my slippers and staring out at the downpour and the blustery remnants of a storm, I dragged myself out of bed, the dog happily bounding along behind, stuffed toy in her mouth, but once fed -  she returned to bed for an after breakfast nap.

With the car already packed, I managed to pull on a pair of jeans and put my hair in a ponytail before bidding good bye to the snoring mass of bodies still abed. 

The bustle of a craft fair before opening is exhilarating… people busy setting up, carting goods to and fro, arguments breaking out about who is encroaching on whom and who is blocking the flow of traffic, socializing among crafters and a steady stream of wet and muddied footprints in and out the door. 

Selling predominantly paper products  is always a challenge  in wet weather, and I never arrive early enough to score a spot right at the door.  So with Rubbermaid tubs and bits of plastic sheeting I managed to pile in, set up (with minimal grumbling about my neighbour encroaching into my space)  and then we were off.  For 8 hours I watched the crowds, talked with folks, socialized and sold mostly little packets of spices with their attached recipes and cooking instructions. 

By 5pm I was exhausted, and glad that I don’t work in the retail business. Never the less I had a great day and I’m glad I was there to take it all in.   Special thanks to Annie for the Herculean effort of organizing and to all  to all who came out to support our vendors.  This could not be possible with out you. 

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  1. Hello Coral, I didn't see the option to order your spice packets at the link Annie gave me but if you have more I'd be interested in making an order. Annie has my email.