Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time Management

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So what you ask is on the easel today?  Several things as it turns out.  Including the next instalment of Wynken, Blynken and Nod – I’m really so excited about it.  So much so that I haven’t painted this year Christmas Card yet… but I’ve prioritized and I hope to get some inspiration soon for that annual event. Of course in the mean time, I’ve the day to day grind of the working stiff to plough through,  baby friendly Christmas Tree ornaments to make, girl guides to organize (they are asking for a slumber party),  a dog to walk, a baby to snuggle, a craft fair to survive… the list is really endless

It just seems that there are too many things to paint, and not enough time.  Too many quilts to make, but not enough time.  Too many good books to read, and not enough time.  Too many games of patty cake to play, and not enough time. Too many projects, but so very little time.. cool projects – like making cheese! Oh yes.. that is right… home made cheese… it took me a few tries to get a solid lump of cheese and not just a thick cheesy spread.  But now I can pull a new party trick…. Show up with a gallon of milk  - and 30 minutes later emerge from the kitchen with fresh hot cheese!

©RiverWalker Arts 
In terms of not enough time… weekdays have gone from busy to chaotic.  I’m not sure how I used to do it.  Between the time I leave work and the time my baby is tucked into bed, and I’ve cleaned up the diaper pail, packed his snacks for the next day, along with changes of clothing, and other necessary items, etc.  Preparing, eating and cleaning up after dinner has become more of a necessity rather than an enjoyable experience.  I love to cook, but not in the desperately rushed fashion that has become my evenings.  To combat this issue… I’ve pulled out my Crock-Pot!  So far I’ve only found 3 recipes I like in it.  What’s worse is that one of them involves heavy cream (so isn’t something I really want to be making on a weekly basis unless I want to balloon to 400 pounds)  !!  so I’ve got 2 recipes to work with…. So I send out a plea to you…

©RiverWalker Arts 
My time management depends on this – what are your favourite crock-pot recipes / meals.   Most everything I’ve tried have been mushy masses of uniformly flavoured slop…. But I’m sure I can get beyond this with some choice recipes from others!



  1. Coral, I just LOVE your work and your blog!! I have read your blog many times but took me til now to realize that this is YOU!! Awesome. Anyway, my favorite crock pot recipe is black beans. Throw them in at night to soak and pop garlic and jalapenos in and turn it on in the morning.
    Serve with rice and some chips or in a tortilla. So easy and yummy!
    Good luck with all that you do. You are amazing!

  2. Thank you for the kind compliments! So what finally gave me away???