Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Workshop Fun!!!

This past weekend.. was mine.  Dedicated to me.  Well at least in this house it was.  I spent my weekend at a Mixed Medium & Design workshop.  Sponsored by our local art group, and taught by the lovely Joan Mostad.   It wasn’t a given that I would go.  I’ve never been away from Chicken Little for more than an hour or two.  So the thought of taking a whole weekend for myself, coming home only to feed and return seemed like a big step.  I’ve not done mixed media before.... so I read the supply list.... it included the following:

* rigid painting surfaces
* Acrylic Paints, brushes etc.
* Matt and/or gloss medium
* Modeling paste or drywall spackle
* Rubbing Alcohol
* Sketch paper or book, drawing pencils, white chalk.
* Other acrylic mediums (crackle paste, tar gel, heavy gel, pumice, retarder, glazing mediums etc etc )
* Gesso
* Ink
* Oil and/or chalk pastels
* Crayons
* Sponges
* Exacto-knife
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Eye dropper or pipette
* Old tooth brushes
* Old worn out ruined paint brushes
* Sand paper
* Stencils
* Rubber stamps
* Wax paper
* Saran wrap
* Aluminium foil – or  craft foil
* Anything to mix into modeling paste or spackle to create texture: beads, sand, fibres, fabric, string, mesh, netting, cheese cloth, tissue paper, rice paper, shapes to press into the paste to make an imprint. Be creative and experiment. (Walk around your house and see what “might” work. You just never know what might be the perfect thing.)

I’m a watercolour kind of gal... this list was so far beyond my comfort zone I just couldn’t resist.  And so I cajoled DH into being a full time parent for the weekend.  I raided every cupboard in my house and then some to come up with a hodgepodge collection of supplies.  And I embarked on a fun and interesting workshop.

“Running Tide”
Mixed Media
© RiverWalker Arts
Chicken Little was FINE!  I missed him during the day, but he and DH had a great time.  

At the end of the weekend I came home with two Mixed Media paintings... 
"Faery Haunt"
Mixed Media
© RiverWalker Arts
" Here in cool grot and mossy cell
We rural fays and fairies dwell;
Though rarely seen by mortal eye,
When the pale moon, ascending high,
Darts through yon lines her quiv'ring beams;
We frisk it near these crystal streams."
 William Shenstone (1714-63)
Lines inscribed on a tablet in the grounds at the poet’s residence

What do you think??? Shall I stick to watercolour?  Or should I branch out??
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep.  ~Scott Adams

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