Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This is a baby post... I’m just letting you know that upfront.

March 28th 2012

This is a baby post... I’m just letting you  know that upfront.

The best  One of the best pieces of parenting advice I was ever given was “Don’t read too much”.  And for the most part I try to keep to that.   But I got a bit off track and I broke down and started reading about FOoD.   Yup.

For some reason I, who normally really do believe in  - WHATEVER WORKS IS PROBABLY WORKING.  Started feeling pressured to start feeding Chicken Little something solid.  Something not milk.  And despite the fact that I can’t possibly imagine eating that nasty looking (and smelling) pabulum (now more trendily called “cereal” ) I somehow got convinced this is what I should start feeding my child. (somehow I forgot for a moment that millions of babies have survived just fine in all cultures of the world WITHOUT “cereal”).  Did Chicken Little just love that pabulum??   notsomuch. Gag. and Puh! 

Ok fair enough .. after all even I wouldn’t eat it.   But after Chicken Little rejected, Banana, Avocado, Squash and pretty much anything I came near him with at the end of my little spoon.... I thought I’d just have a look-see at what Dr. Google had to say...

Dr. Google said :

1.       Thou MUST :       Start Solids at 4 months,
                                    Start solids at 6 months,
DELAY solids for a full 12 months....

( that was clear...glad the “experts” are all on the same page there... )

2.       In the first year:
a.        DO NOT mash food or serve small, tiny pieces of food - Serve large chunks that can be easily grasped.
b.      foods MUST be sufficiently mashed or pureed so that they can be swallowed without risk of choking
(great help that was... Hand your baby some fresh avocado slices or mash it up with a fork. It’s still an avocado.  )

3.       Regarding First Foods:
a.       infant rice cereal  has ALWAYS  been considered the best first food for baby 
b.      rice and other highly processed grain cereals actually could be among the worst foods for infants
(oh great more conflicting advice to get parents all in a dither)

4.       Introduce garlic and spices ONLY with the consent of your child's doctor.
 (what??  Are you serious???  -  Parents elsewhere in the world must certainly take a more freewheeling approach, starting babies on heartier, more flavorful fare — from meats  as first foods in African countries to hummus in the middle east  to curry in India.... a little more Googling and I find out...    Oceanic tribes traditionally start babies on liver, fish and grubs.  Polynesians – on breadfruit and coconut cream.  Japanese - on milled rice, fish, and  fish roe. )

Some other random Dr. Google rules included...

Thou MUST follow the FOUR DAY RULE...  and steer clear of this long list of “foods to avoid” (like wheat, corn, fish, pork, nuts, strawberries, citrus etc etc etc etc etc etc.... )

NEVER replace breast milk or formula until after 12 months of age – serious health risks are possible...

NEVER give honey to a baby under one year of age..  or egg white, or peanut butter or... or... or....

There were details of what to feed, how often and  how much - down to the last teaspoon, lots of rules and many of them contradictory....

... all in all I came away from the adventure on Google reminding myself never to read too much...

My radical, earth-shattering advice: HAVE FUN. FEED YOUR BABY. WHATEVER WORKS IS PROBABLY WORKING...

*sigh*  there went the entire day’s worth of napping minutes... wasted,  when I could have been doing something much more creative!!


A month later
May 2, 2012 

Chicken Little is 8 months old.  He likes strawberries – raw, and whole thank you.  He still does not like anything off a spoon  -  He will feed himself thank you...   and consequently requires a bath after every meal.


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