Thursday, May 24, 2012

I am...

I have a friend she is a photographer.  She was saying she was thinking a lot about labels ... labels others put on us but also the labels we put on ourselves, then she  found this inspiring campaign (   It is In recognition of the many roles that women hold, they asked women photographers to shoot a self portrait holding a word other than “photographer” that represented some aspect of who they are. For all they’ve been through, for all they do to improve the world around them every day in ways big and small, this is a celebration of strong, empowering, inspiring women in the photography community and everywhere. 
My friend is looking for others to volunteer for her to do a similar project.  I said of course... but then I thought what am I?? 
My first thought was.. I am a mother.
but then I thought I am also a whole lot of other things.  I happen to be on Maternity leave right now, and Chicken Little is the center of my universe but that is not the only thing that defines me.  Certainly before him I would have said something else.. but what would I choose to identify myself.

I am  a domestic goddess
I am  a fantastic cook
I am  a biologist
I am  an artist
I am a painter
I am resilient, adaptable, a chameleon.
I am  a wife
I am  a daughter
I am a dreamer
I am a liver of life in all its breadth and depth.
I am a wine drinker, a coffee drinker, a peanut butter aficionado....
I am a community volunteer
I am a friend
I am a seeker of truths, an asker of questions.
I am a shoulder to cry on
I am a bibliophile
I am an ordinary girl. The girl next door.
I am living life to its fullest

I suppose it doesn’t really matter, it’s just a photograph.  But somewhere inside I feel like it’s a snap shot for history and a statement about myself. 

No pressure. 

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  1. you are certainly all these things and more but what you are most to me is the BEST daughter a Mom could ever wish for...